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Corfu Guide

We introduce our Corfu Guide with some of the most remarkable things to do and see during your holidays. Corfu is a diverse island with plenty of things to do and see. Its unique characteristics have contributed to a fast tourist development since the early 1950’s. Places like the majestuous Old Town or the humble inland villages seem not to have changed since the old times. Its stunning beaches and the impressive countryside captivate every visitor; its coast and seaside offer many different leisure options by land and sea, and the tourist resorts for all budgets have a choice for every traveller.

The traditional way of life is evident in each corner– people still organize and join traditional weddings and religious festivals, the so-called panegyria, processions, rituals – and the Corfiot cuisine is what tourists prefer and love trying when visiting the island.

But new times are here: from modern gastronomy to worldwide famous DJs, extreme sports or luxury activities… Everything you’re looking for can be found in Corfu! See this Corfu Guide and find what you’re looking for.


A Corfu Guide For Your Holidays

Once you have read our Corfu Guide and decided what you want to do in Corfu, give us a call. We can help you organize your trip by adding amazing tours to your experience. Tsokas Exclusive has many options for all budgets and plans: from private tours by land and sea, to fun group excursions, day cruises, local products tasting, cooking sessions, and many more!

Your transportation in Corfu is also something to take into account: Don’t forget to book your private transfers with us in advance to guarantee the best service and quality. Our chauffeurs are excellent professionals, and they drive luxury vehicles ready to take you anywhere you need safely and on time.

What’s Different About Our Corfu Guide

We see the island with the traveller’s eyes. Our goal is to assist you anytime, give you all the information and secret tips that will help you discover new things and love Corfu as much as we do. This Corfu guide is addressed to everybody, and we would really like you to share your feedback with us and help other visitors on their future trips to this beautiful island.

Are you ready to travel to Corfu? Scroll down and find your activities and things to do here!

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  • Country: Greece
  • Location: Ionian Islands / Ionian Sea
  • Status: Island
  • Capital: Corfu Town
  • Area: approx 225miles2 / 583km2
  • Population: approx 120,000
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: GMT + 2 hours
  • Country dialling code: +30
  • Telephone area code: 26610-

Getting Here

Corfu International Airport has a large number of charter flights with Europe and the Middle East during the summer season, from March until early November. For the rest of the year, you can also book a flight via Athens Airport with the two Greek companies that do this route all year long. If you decide to come to Corfu by sea, you can travel from Igoumenitsa, the closest port in the Greek Mainland. Visitors coming from Italy have the choice of sailing from several ports. Albania is also very close to Corfu, and there are daily routes from/to Agia Saranda, the closest destination.

Weather in Corfu

Corfu has a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, with no extreme values, mild winters and sunny summers. It is rainy during winter and autumn, while rainfall in spring is not so frequent. The ideal months to visit Corfu if you're looking for sun are June, July, and August. With an average high temperature of 33°C and an average low temperature of 22°C, July is the hottest month. January has an average high of 14°C and an average low of 5°C, the coldest period of the year. Winter sunny days are pleasant and really great for hiking fans!

Discover Corfu

Sightseeing in Corfu

Sightseeing in Corfu is one a great thing to do. By foot, by car, or on a tour, it’s something you cannot miss even if you’re staying in an all-inclusive resort. Save at least one day for this activity. Sightseeing […]

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Best Beaches in Corfu

A Beach in Corfu for Everybody. Which ones are the best beaches in Corfu? I admit that they are like my favourite songs: there is one for each mood.  If I had to choose only one among all of them, […]

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Corfu Nightlife

A drink in your hand, relaxing music, and you resting in a lounge chair in front of an amazing view… Sound like a plan to you? Or would you prefer a beach party under the full moon? Even while Corfu’s […]

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