Q&A: 5 Tips Before Driving in Corfu

driving in Corfu

If you’ve considered driving in Corfu as a choice, you have already rented a car, and your road map is ready to go, take a look at some advice before you start.

Driving in Corfu, Left or Right?

All of the European Union’s member states—aside from the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta—have right-hand drive laws.

Which Is The Minimum Age For Driving in Corfu?

Greeks can get a driving license at 18, but, unless you travel with your own vehicle, car rental companies won’t let you hire a car in Corfu unless you’re 25 years old and have some year’s driving experience.

Driving in Corfu: Rules

The traffic code and rules are the same in Greece as in the rest of Europe. Even though the signals are written in Greek, you will easily understand their images since they’re universal. Commom sense works in case you don’t know how to proceed.

Is My Driving License Valid in Greece?

An European international driving license is valid throughout all the countries of the EU and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States all have licences that are equal to Greek licences, according to a November 2021 legal amendment. As a result, these nations are now included in the group of European nations whose citizens may lawfully drive in Greece without obtaining an international drivers licence (IDP).

If you’re travelling from the United States or Canada you should know that US citizens travelling abroad or short-term residents staying less than six months are permitted to drive in Greece as long as their US driver’s licence is valid. It might be necessary to have a Greek licence for stays longer than 185 days in Greece. Check it out in this link.

Can We Travel With Pets in Greece?

driving in Corfu with pets

All the pet owners drive with their beloved furry ones by their side. It’s not really permitted, but nobody will stop you for driving in Corfu with a dog or a cat in your car.

Nevertheless, we recommend you follow the usual safety tips for driving with animals in the car.

If you want to bring your pet to Greece read this article (in Spanish, but very useful and easy to translate) with an update about all the legal regulations and requirements.



The Top 10 Road Route In Corfu: How to Get to Pantoktrator Peak

Ready to begin the adventure? Fill the tank, fasten your seat belts and start discovering the exciting landscapes, tips, and spots hidden behind Corfu roads. This is a full-day driving adventure you will never forget!

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Driving to Kato Korakiana from Corfu Town

Proceed west from Corfu Town to the intersection of Tzavaratika (Tzavros) and take a right turn. Steer left towards the short detour (not clearly marked; look for the larger Etrusco Restaurant sign) between Dassia and Ipsos to Kato Korakiana village and its National Gallery Annexe (Mon, Thur, Sat, Sun 8.30 am–3.30 pm, Wed & Fri 10 am–2 pm & 6-9 pm; €2). This museum is housed in a villa from the Venetian era filled with pieces by eminent Greek artists dating back to 1830. Now that the major collection in Athens is closed for a ground-up reconstruction until at least 2019, here is your greatest opportunity to learn about the profile of ancient art in the nation. With the exception of one El Greco Crucifixion and a few local portraits, the clearly named exhibits lead visitors through three storeys in chronological order.

Porto Timoni corfu

Reaching Corfu’s Mount Pantokrator

Go back to the coast road, but derive off very quickly again. Follow the signs pointing to Spartilas and Strinilas, located on the southwest face of Mount Pantokrator.

At Strinilas, turn right (east) towards Corfu’s highest point, the 914-meter top; nevertheless, this route is limited and exposed, so only do it in clear, somewhat calm weather. The little, stone-built monastery of Ypsilou Pandrokratora (open everyday except 12.30–2pm April–Oct) shares the top with a terrible tangle of telecom and media antennae. The sights meet expectations.

Pantokrator Mountain North Corfu (1)

Beaches and Taverns Close to Mount Pantokrator in Corfu

Turn right at Strinilas to head north along the coast, passing through Eriva and Lafki, emerging close to Acharavi. It is now time for a swim; if you prefer sandy beaches, the best ones in the area are at Almyros, which is northeast of Acharavi and towards Kassiopi. If you’re more of a pebble person, head to one of the many bays of “Kensington-on-Sea,” which is located between Avlaki and Agni. If you’re a foodie, there are tavernas in inland Palea Perithia that are close by.

While Agios Stefanos Cove isn’t the best place to dive (it’s just one pebbly section on the north side), it does provide the most options for lunch tavernas and the simplest parking (behind olive trees at the northern entrance). After lunch, consider going for a swim at the mixed-pebble/sand Kerasia beach nearby before continuing south along the corniche path to the Agios Markos junction where you will turn off the coast road.

A trip through the charming village of the same name is highly recommended, and the through road offers a convenient shortcut to the west coast via Ano Korakiana, Skripero, and Doukades. After passing Doukades, take the main road to Paleokastritsa, which leads to beautiful sea- and cliff-scapes in the most beautiful afternoon light. Don’t forget to see the small Theotokou monastery situated on the last headland.

Palekastritsa North Corfu view girls with canoe

Avoid (if you can) the temptation to take another dive here and instead head southeast down the picturesque minor road that skirts the Ropa Valley on its west, via Liapades, Kanakades, and Marmaro. For another swim, drop down near Kellia to the legendary Myrtiotissa beach, which is excellent late in the day or season. At this beach your swimsuit won´t be necessary.

Sunset Time at Kaiser’s Throne

From here, it’s only a short walk to the Kaiser’s Throne, located above Pelekas. Kaiser Wilhelm II converted this natural rock formation into a viewing platform in 1908, and people have been coming here for sunsets ever since.


We really hope you enjoyed our post and follow our advice. In case you would like to add somethind and share your personal experience, contact us and we’ll add your comments to our blog.

Have a happy drive in Corfu!

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