If you’ve been watching ITV’s hit drama The Durrells, you’ll already know and love the gorgeous island of Corfu. After four successful season of shooting The Durrells all amongst it breathtaking and beautiful places, also the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN) felt in love with Corfu – and awarded the island the Best European Film Location 2018.

Corfu was chosen from among 12 European locations as the best of 2018, in recognition of the key role it played in the TV series The Durrells. Corfu is known for having a cosmopolitan feeling combined with a special, traditional character. Apart from the wonderful beaches, the highlight of the island is the UNESCO-protected Old Town, with its characteristic Venetian style that has contributed to the success of the TV series.

The second key role, of course, The White House in Kalami plays – already the fourth season now the film crew of ITV and PBS has been shooting huge parts of the story at our place and in spectacularly-beautiful nature around the was the “outdoor home” of Gerald and Lawrence Durrell and their family.

Thus, the guests of The White House – be it restaurant and rooms – experience one of Europe’s most famous movie and TV locations in real life!
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should not miss if you are a true Durrell enthusiast.

Stay at the house, the Durrells used to live in! Sit down at the sea, where they spent their hillarious family dinners and lunch times. Walk in their feet. Take the boat from Kalami to explore Corfu town like they did. In short: See Corfu with their eyes! We will be happy to make this possible for you!

Source: https://thewhitehouse.gr